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All Ways A Leftie Membership

“All Ways a Leftie" clarifies that membership is inclusive and all encompassing on different levels - we can in "all ways" participate together through the journey of youth soccer for ourselves and others. LeftFoot is an idea that we practice our technical expertise to enable us to play soccer together for a different purpose than a competitive team. LeftFoot gives us the permission to practice, prepare and perform in a whole new way.

Great Player Series

The Great Player Series is an introduction to the LeftFoot Coaching philosophy of developing students with Phenomenal FootSkills, Deadly BallStriking and Fantastic Finishing. Special Spatial Awareness skills combined with Dominating AerialWarfare skills contributes to our long list of special skills that we create at LeftFoot. Students beginning their journey within their first year are encouraged to participate in Great Player workshops and Topic Accelerators to hone their skills and get introduced to each topic in a fun "beginners" fashion.

One-on-One Coaching

With over 6,000 hours of One-on-One Coaching, we've specialized in bringing the best programming, coaching and experience to deliver to players looking for better technique. Our One-on-One programs are designed to bring three different packages that allow for access to specific coaches, opportunities to learn special techniques and the flexibility to manage random or set-learning courses. Choose from over sixty different time-slots and opportunities to make your player better!

Youth Academy Series

Children learn through play and guided discovery - we all know that. Our Youth Academy is an innovative design of "play and instruction" which allows our Academy of Coaches to guide players through three unique progressions of LeftFoot Coaching Academy for soccer players 9-13 years old. For those players that are beginning their journey through youth soccer, our Youth Academy is designed to raise the “cream to the top.”

Junior Academy Series

The Junior Academy Series is for players between the ages of thirteen (U13) and sixteen (U16) who want to randomly attend classes through the course of a year. Junior Academy students begin the journey through LeftFoot by learning the Six Essential Skills of Every Great Player™ in the Foundation Series. Junior Academy students have the option to progress through the Combination Series and the Creative Series through either Course options or through our Academy formula.

Special Topics

LeftFoot has always been known for its range of topics that make Great Players even better. For over eight years our methods of teaching players "Phenomenal" Footskills and "Deadly" BallStriking have been our go-to strengths in developing better players. With the advent of LeftFoot6, our range of topics that are introduced in our Academy Series expanded to over 56 different techniques that we teach over the course of the year.


The LeftFoot Coach: Organizer, Teacher and Coach. The difference between the three roles is how we grow in our experience as leaders of children. At LeftFoot, these three roles encapsulate our power to influence beyond what most refer to as training. Training is only organized workouts. Coaching is the spiritual guidance of another person to a place in themselves that they didn’t realize was possible. Coaching is the bridge between mere tasks and the emotional self that believes in making a difference - it’s what truly matters when we make players better, not just through technique, but through guiding families through the journey of youth soccer.

Senior Academy Series

At the end of the journey of youth soccer players aged sixteen to twenty hone their skills with other friends and begin to give back to the game. Our Elite Series is designed for players at the Elite Clubs National League and/or playing at a very high level of soccer. Senior Academy students also are part of our Internship program along three separate tracks. Young Coaches begin learning our processes and systems to become Entry coaches and assist at every level of coaching. Training Partners become technical experts on specific subjects and help play in sessions to give guidance to younger players. LeftFoot Contributors begin special projects within the Academy to "make a difference."